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La Marr "Deuce" Lubin

La Marr "Deuce" Lubin is a renowned artist known for his remarkable career in the music industry. His journey began with a fateful encounter at Arden Mall, where he caught the attention of PIC and ENDO from the emerging group D.R.S. They were in search of a singer with a Jodeci styled voice, and despite initially hesitating, Deuce eventually auditioned and caught the ear of Eazy E, "The Godfather of Gangsta Rap." In 1993, Deuce signed with Capitol Records as a member of D.R.S., and his talent propelled the group to platinum-selling success.

During his tenure with D.R.S., Deuce made a significant impact on the music scene. He lent his captivating vocals to the group's title track "Gangsta Lean (This Is for My Homies)," which dominated the Billboard R&B and pop charts in 1993 and 1994. To this day, "Gangsta Lean" remains an esteemed classic within the hip-hop community.

Not only did Deuce contribute to D.R.S.'s success, but he also left his mark on other notable projects. He co-wrote the soulful "No More Love" for the soundtrack of the movie "Jason's Lyric." Additionally, his distinctive voice graces the platinum title track "You Will Know," alongside esteemed artists such as D'Angelo, Brian McKnight, Boyz II Men, and Gerald Levert.

Deuce's musical prowess extends beyond his time with D.R.S. He has collaborated with renowned artists, including Digital Underground and MC Hammer, showcasing his versatility and artistic range. Notably, Deuce has performed alongside the esteemed Southern California show band Soulicious, solidifying his presence on the international stage with captivating performances in London, Japan, and Amsterdam.

Transitioning into the realm of Southern Soul, Deuce has captivated audiences with his powerful performances and hit songs like "Put Your Ballot in My Box" and "Just Like That." Recognized for his exceptional tribute show honoring Teddy Pendergrass, Deuce has earned the title of the Silky Southern Soul Singer. Currently, Deuce is deeply immersed in the creation of his solo album, collaborating with accomplished producers.

Continuing to enchant fans nationwide, Deuce frequently embarks on tours, sharing his soulful blend of blues, gospel, R&B, jazz, and hip-hop. You can often find him gracing the stages of local clubs throughout the Los Angeles area, where his talent shines bright. Notably, his performance at Vibrato Grill in Los Angeles, CA, grew his dedicated following and even secured him new opportunities to share his craft globally.

To discover more about the captivating journey of this multifaceted artist and his latest ventures, stay tuned to Deuce's upcoming releases and performances.

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